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Stroke Risk Perception And Its Awareness Among Hypertensive Patients In Qassim Region Saudi Arabia

Fathia Ahmed Mersal, Hanan Mohamed Tork.

Background and Aim: Stroke is the most leading reasons of mortality globally and is the main cause of disability world- wide. Therefore it was necessary to study the knowledge and awareness level among the high risk population such as hypertensive concerning warning signs. This study is aimed to identify the stroke risk perception and awareness among hypertensive patients in Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on 203 hypertensive patients at the hypertension clinic in Buraidah central hospital. Data collection tool used in this study were socio-demographic data, past medical history, knowledge on stroke risk factors and stroke warning signs and self-reported stroke risk.

Results: The results showed that (n=117, 57.6%)of participants had elevated systolic blood pressure and (n=115, 56.7%) of them were smokers, the knowledge means of stroke risk were 10.73 ±3.53 while the mean knowledge of warning signs was 9.276±2.99. The regressions result was statistically insignificant for the variables on the risk score; however, the age was statistically significant (p< 0.001).

Conclusions: The study revealed that most of the hypertensive patients had unsatisfactory knowledge regarding risk factor and warning signs of stroke. Knowledge as a predictor for stroke risk was found not to be a significant predictor for stroke risk in this study. Increase awareness among the population to encourage primary prevention of hypertension should be the first concern by preventing smoking, reducing salt consumption, encourage physical activity, healthy diet and healthy lifestyles.

Key words: Stroke Risk Perception, Awareness, Hypertensive Patients, Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia


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